Dereliction PressKit


Dereliction is a squad-based real-time Tactics game.

It requires a sophisticated mobile defence strategy for objective success.

Play the role of the commander.

You control an elite squad of mercenaries. Your mission, to take back a derelict space ship, the RASARRA. It has been infested with Dross, an aggressive race of alien bugs.

The objective of the game:

Get your soldiers from one side of the derelict space-ship to the other, moving from one airlock to the next.

There you rest, refuel, reload and prepare to meet your opponents in the next level.

Storm the ship, recover the command center, return power to the ship!

Dereliction, at the time, was to be a dark, maze-like crawl through the bowels of a Derelict ship in search of Loot. With a countless and unrelenting enemy presence.

I aimed for everything to be over the top! Hundreds of enemies matched by hundreds of bullets. Unrelenting carnage and mayhem.

I think that it turned out pretty close to envisioned.

However, Dereliction is and was always, a tongue in cheek reference to Violence in games. I mean, whats the purpose? Why all the carnage, death, and yet, press continue?

I hope that you, the player, may get what it is all about... as it says:


This is a world where monsters exist

Dereliction, by Alex Zimich

Dereliction has been in Development for around 3 years. Although, the pre planning and initial design dates back around 10 years!

It has been a rough ride, but it's finally out!