The RASSARA, as with the Dross, was fired upon and the resulting explosion flung the debris through space. The debris was scattered. Some fell onto ESE & OCI Planets, lush with flora and fauna. Endless fields of grains and the families who worked the land. the deepest oceans...

The dark sinews of the nest travelled into the crevices of the worlds, and rested. gaining sustenance of the soils it touched. Years later, the little fingers reached out, that seemed to pull closer as if it wanted to touch you.Deep down, the glowing yellows filled with liquid ADRINA that would glow in darkness.Then came the tall spires that began to push up towards the sky.

The spires poured out spores as they grew taller, and the spores were taken to the wind.

They wondered if it was snowing, but a few who were curious, maybe with a sniff and a taste, found it better than over the counter ADRINA and even those ADRINA++ that stuff needed a prescription.

The local inhabitants found a near endless supply of ADRINA and consume them unrefined and raw. Those who did, and there were many, experienced an extreme calmness, clarity and incredible boost in all aspects, as with the controlled, refined ADRINA that had Created from the Pharma Company. But with a near infinite supply, there was fighting in the streets as they madly searched for more and more…

But the Nest, which fuelled itself too with the ADRINA, found itself attacked and the Liquid ADRINA harvested en masse. And those who didn't get enough experienced harsh physical withdrawals that would heat the cells of the body hot enough that they needed to be removed. The doctors Tried their best, but with the ever increasing influx of those needing the help, the people who couldn't be helped soon enough had to do it themselves.

In order to protect the nest, The Dross once again created their soldiers. The small numbers were quickly destroyed and the nest harvested again and again. The Dross soldiers grew faster, in larger number. their carapace thickened and their eyes adjusted to the bright burning light that the attackers of the nest would flee to. Those who died, on either side, was carried into the nest. the lay there and the nest covered them, returning them home.

But, as the attacks became so feirce and fevered, the Dross unleashed themself onto the worlds. Anything deamed a threat was destroyed. And the Dross returned to the nest, with anything and everything of value to their nest.

But after those planets were barren of all organics, nutrients, and moistures, the Dross too started to die. The spores stopped. Leaving just a hollow stump as it crumbled and broke.the Nest retracted back where it started. What energy it had stored left, it hid, and would hibernate until even those stores were gone as well.

All those planets affected were quarantined and even after their deaths, are still no go zones. And those untouched were quick to report any signs of it starting. All the people on those worlds worked together to make sure their planet was clean. There were attempts to hide and try to recreate ADRINA in a controlled environment where an early infection was found. But ultimately those entire planets became quarantined and then no go zones. And people stopped trying to recreate ADRINA.

The memories of the RASSARA incident, and the Dross themselves fade into the past.

You wake up in a single occupant escape pod. The batteries must have finally drained. You cannot see clearly through the once clear hatch. But you know you landed. With the emergency release, you are relieved that the air that flows in is breathable. And you can see clearer that the sun, whichever one it is, is not only up, but very bright. Where are you? Who are you? All you know is theres nothing but dunes of sand for as far as your eyes can see. So, What now?

All these questions are yours to decide.